Our Democracy

is not for sale.

We Can Do Better.

A Democracy is only as strong as its people

Money in elections isn’t a political issue – it’s a human issue. It’s an issue about whether or not the rules we ourselves have created to elect our representatives in our government, are working against the best interest of the greater good. I want my air to be clean, I want my job to pay me a fair wage, I want my kids to have a good education, and I want a reasonable discussion about how our country accomplishes that. And not just for me. For my neighbors as well.

All you ever wanted to know about campaign finance reform from history to present reform efforts.


Hate Politics? Than why aren’t you doing anything about it? Our democracy was designed to evolve. Let’s change the system.


Learn about where your local candidates stand


It starts with one of the most basic rights


stories, photos, videos and more from our blog


Asking congressional candidates to:

Prioritize small donations in their campaign fund-raising strategy

Make full disclosure of all contributions/donations of $200 or more

Not take money from Lobbyists

Make campaign finance reform a primary issue in campaign and advertising

Not take contributions/donations from industries they regulate

Pitch In

By contributing to the Citizens’ Congress you will be helping to restore equality in our democracy by insisting Washington pass laws that remove the need for our representatives to depend on the donations of deep pocketed special interests.

Citizens Congress is a non-partisan volunteer group working to end government corruption and stop the influence of big money in politics. Citizens Congress and Citizens Congress Education are nonprofit organizations supporting American campaign finance reform.

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