The SLO Progressives campaign finance committee as well as Together We Will have committed to collaborate with Citizens Congress to bring our publicly funded elections legislation, INTEGRITY IN OUR ELECTIONS ORDINANCE, to SLO City Council on May 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

During the public comment period at the beginning of the meeting, we will request that City Council place consideration of a publicly funded elections ordinance on their official agenda in the near future.

The action will only require about 45 minutes of time at the council meeting to secure a date for a public hearing.

It is imperative to have as many people as possible attend the event to give council members the show of support they need.

Because the city has many budget requests, we need to demonstrate to council members support for a very inexpensive program that would be capped at $80,000 (By comparison, the city manager’s annual compensation is currently $315,000).

The need for private funding to elect our public officials creates a corruptive influence of our democratic process.

This is the fundamental issue that impacts all  other issues.

Publicly funded elections not only support the interests of the community as a whole, they also helps insulate our representatives from the appearance of corruption that can occur when an issue comes before the council that involves a campaign donor’s interest.

San Luis Obispo has the responsibility to enact locally what we demand of our state and national leaders – to push back against the SCOTUS’s pernicious Citizens United decision that has wrested majoritarian democracy from our governance and insured that our legislative outcomes lean not to the community but to the moneyed interests.

If we understand the need for a climate action plan in a city with little pollution, then we must also recognize the necessity of local campaign finance reform in a city with low contribution limits.

Read the current draft of the INTEGRITY IN OUR ELECTIONS ORDINANCE.